WebUtils is a small utility library containing a few very useful classes for working with the Java Servlet API.

Among other things the library contains classes for populating Java beans from HttpServletRequest objects based on annotations.

Here is an example how of how a Java bean annotated with for population via WebUtils:

public class Zone{

    @WebPopulate(required = true, maxLength = 255)
    private String name;

    @WebPopulate(required = true, maxLength = 6)
    private String dclass;

    private boolean secondary;    
    private List<String> aliases;
    private boolean enabled;    

    private boolean autoGenerateSerial;
    //Setter, getters and other methods go here...

The classes in WebUtils were originally part of the StandardUtils library but where moved to their own library when I wanted to remove the Servlet API dependency from StandardUtils.


Version Release date Download Changelog
1.2.4 6/5 2015 WebUtils-1.2.4.jar (160 KB) link
1.2.0 10/9 2014 WebUtils-1.2.0.jar (153 KB) link
1.0.0 30/10 2012 WebUtils-1.0.0.jar (69 KB)  -


Log4jUtils has the following dependencies:

Source code

The source code is copyright Robert Olofsson and various other committers. It is available under the LGPLv3 license from the following subversion repository: svn://