Eagle DNS is distributed as a ZIP file containing everything needed to run it except Java. If you don't have Java 1.5 or a newer version installed you can download it here.

Included in the ZIP file is a series of batch/shell scripts for starting, stopping Eagle DNS and reloading zones on the fly. Also included is the MySQL JDBC driver and a database script called dbtables.sql that can be used to create the necessary database tables for the DBZoneProvider.


NOTE: Version 1.1.1 contains an important bug fix all users of Eagle DNS 1.1.0 should upgrade as soon as possible.

Version Release date Download Changelog
1.1.2 17/10 2011 Changelog
1.1.1 11/4 2011 Changelog
1.1.0 5/4 2011 Changelog
1.0.1 5/2 2010 Changelog
1.0 6/12 2009 Not available